Brian Gowland

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HN700-- MENESTREL 11 .....

The Menestrel family of wooden aircraft,both single and dual seat machines are the brainchild of French designer /aviator,... Henri Nicollier.

As a young man, Henri was much influenced by the sleek fighter aircraft contesting the skies of war torn Europe and this possibly accounts for more than a passing resemblance of his Menestrel's, to some of these aircraft.
Of note are the semi - symetrical wing plan form and the fin rudder/shape all typical of this time.
The Menestrel's popularity stems from a light homebuilt wooden airframe ,propelled by an inexspensive but reliable power plant and possesing stunning good looks

After a lifetime building and flying model aeroplanes,
I thought it would be nice to construct an aeroplane Sue and I could fly away in.

So here it is and by the way the drawings for the MENESTREL's are available from Henri Nicollier.

Henri Nicollier